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What does DAR do?   

Daughters of the American Revolution:

  1. Awards $150,00 in scholarships and financial aid each year to students;

  2. Participates in literacy programs for adults, tutoring programs for students;

  3. Supports three specific schools for underprivileged or at-risk students through annual donations exceeding one million dollars;

  4. Volunteers more than 55,000 hours of time annually to veteran patients;

  5. Preserves local landmarks and historic structures in communities across the country;

  6. Conserves more than 30,000 objects of our material culture in the DAR Museum;

  7. Archives nearly 5,000 early American manuscripts and imprints;

  8. Donated more than one million dollars to the Statute of Liberty and Independence Hall restorations and the creation of the WWII Memorial;

  9. Locates and marks historical landmarks and graves of Revolutionary War Patriots;

  10. Houses the DAR Library which is the second largest genealogical research center in the world;

  11. Gives copies of the DAR Manual for Citizenship to immigrants studying for naturalization;

  12. Donates flags to various people and places;

  13. Owns a Headquarters building which occupies a full city block in Washington, DC and ranks as one of the most valuable pies of real estate in the world owned and maintained by women;

  14. And more!

 Top Ten Reasons to join DAR

  1. You are interested in genealogy.

  2. You think you might have an ancestor who aided in the War for American Freedom.

  3. You have a love of education.

  4. You have a love of  patriotism.

  5. You have a love for American history and historic preservation

  6. You enjoy volunteer participation

  7. You want to be involved with a respected organization that serves the community

  8. You enjoy programs and speakers about topics such as American History or National Defense

  9. You love to socialize and enjoy making new friends

  10. You want to promote the values you cherish.

Acceptable Patriot Service

Patriot service typically falls between 19 April 1775 and 26 November 1783 and includes those who either fought in or supported the American Revolution.

Patriots may have been:

  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence

  • In Military Service in the Army & Navy of Continental Establishment, state Navy, state & local Militia, Privateers, or military or naval Service of French Nationals serving in the American war

  • State Officials

  • County & Town Officials (Judge, sheriff, juror, jailer, highway surveyor, etc.)

  • Members of Continental Congress, State Conventions & Assemblies

  • Membership in committees created to further the cause

  • Defender of forts and frontiers

  • Signers of petitions recognizing the authority of the provisional & new governments

  • Members of the Boston Tea Party

  • Signer of Oath of Allegiance

  • Committees to care for soldiers' families

  • Ministers who gave patriotic sermons

  • Doctors, nurses and others rendering aid to the wounded

  • Someone who furnished a substitute for military service

  • Prisoners of war or refugees from occupying forces

  • Those who rendered material aid such as furnishing supplies or provided services.



Email the chapter registrar, Sheila Wolf,  for information on joining the chapter.