Inis Gibbes

The Chapter owes its name to the Revolutionary War Battle, The Battle of Hobkirk Hill, fought on Camden soil, April 25, 1781.  Hobkirk Hill derived its name from an old man by the name of Hobkirk, who lived on the ridge prior to the date of the battle.  

Two major battles of the Revolutionary War were fought near the town of Camden.  At the Battle of Camden, August 16, 1780, General Baron DeKalb was mortally wounded.  In 1909, the chapter erected a large granite monument on the battlefield to honor him and mark the spot where he fell. 

Through the years, this chapter has been extremely active in protecting historical buildings, cemeteries, and battlefields.  They have instilled patriotic values in children through the Children of the American Revolution, Good Citizenship Clubs, and support of Tamassee DAR School. 

Daughters continue to work to support the objectives of our National Society - patriotic endeavors, historic preservation, and promotion of patriotic education. 

Contact Inis Gibbes, Chapter Regent, if you are interested in receiving a personal invitation to our next meeting.