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"God, Home, and Country"

The Catawba Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), was the sixth chapter in the state to be organized. The name Catawba was adopted in recognition of friendly services rendered to the white settlers by the Catawba Indians.

For more than 118 years, the Catawba Chapter NSDAR has been actively involved in the Rock Hill community, the state of South Carolina, and on the national level.

The Catawba Chapter NSDAR is located in York County, South Carolina, a pivotal area in the American Revolutionary War. In addition to being the home of the Catawba Indians, York County is the site of Historic Brattonsville, a plantation and Revolutionary War site of the Battle of Huck's Defeat.

York County also is home to Kings Mountain National Military Park, site of a battle that has been called the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

The Catawba Chapter NSDAR has seen that historical places in the area, including Brattonsville and the Upper Landsford Canal in nearby Chester County, have been marked and dedicated. Chapter members also planted holly bushes in Rock Hill's beautiful Glencairn Garden in honor of George Washington's 250th birthday. Flags have been donated to schools and firehouses.

The Catawba Chapter NSDAR also participates at Andrew Jackson State Park in nearby Lancaster County and has contributed to the White Home, one of the first houses constructed in Rock Hill in what is now the historic East Town District.

In addition to donating time and money to active and retired military personnel, members of the Catawba Chapter NSDAR keep their hands busy knitting and crocheting to benefit the Lap Robes for Wounded Warriors project. Lap robes are donated to veterans, service personnel, the William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Camp Lejeune, the Marine Corps base in North Carolina. Baby blankets are made and given to people serving in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other places. The chapter is a member of the Vietnam War 50th anniversary Commemorative Partner Program and has awarded pins and certificates to Vietnam veterans.

Chapter members also contribute to the Tamassee DAR School in Tamassee, S.C.

The Catawba Chapter NSDAR co-sponsors the Martha Bratton Chapter of the National Society Children of the American Revolution.

Our meetings are educational, helpful, and fun. Contact us if you are interested in receiving a personal invitation to our next meeting.

Regent: Glenda Burkholder

Registrar: Sharon Levy

All images are courtesy of Catawba Chapter NSDAR.

All images are courtesy of Catawba Chapter NSDAR.


Enoch Abrahams, Pennsylvania
Joseph Adair, Sr., South Carolina
John McKnitt Alexander, North Carolina
William Anderson, South Carolina
Joseph Avant, Georgia

Mary Babb, South Carolina 
Jonathan Bailey, New York
John Barber, South Carolina
John Barnes, North Carolina
Josiah Bartlett, New Hampshire
John Bethea, South Carolina
Zebulon Brevard, North Carolina 
Abraham Bolt, South Carolina and Virginia
Moses Bond, South Carolina
Benjamin Brink, Pennsylvania
Archibald Burden, Virginia 
John Byington, Connecticut

David Caldwell, South Carolina
Joseph Camburn, New Jersey
Abijah Catlin, Connecticut
William Chalk, North Carolina
Ripley CopelanD, Sr., North Carolina
Joshua Creech, North Carolina
Jacob Cristman, New York

John Boswell Davis, North Carolina
John Delaney, North Carolina
Matthias Detter, Pennsylvania 
John Doyle, Maryland

John Earle, North and South Carolina
George Eubank, Virginia

Alexander Faries, South Carolina
Henry Felder, Sr., South Carolina
William Ferrill, North Carolina
Jacob Forney, North Carolina

Peter Gaillard, South Carolina
Andrew Gerringer, North Carolina
Christian Getman, New York 
James Goss, Virginia
William Graham, South Carolina
William Gray, North Carolina
Burwell Grigg, North Carolina
Daniel Guild, New Hampshire
David Gwinn, Virginia


Ancestors of the Catawba Chapter


Pleasant Haley, Virginia
Leroy Hammond, Sr., South Carolina
Joseph Harley, South Carolina
Samuel Heiser, Virginia 
Christopher Houston, North Carolina
Thomas Huntley, North Carolina
Henry Hurst, Virginia 
Charles Hutchinson, Virginia

James Irwin, South Carolina

David Jackson, South Carolina
Charles James, Sr., South Carolina
Christopher Johnson, Virginia

Joseph Kellett, South Carolina
Benjamin Kilgore, South Carolina
Stephen King, North Carolina
Hugh Knox, North Carolina
James Knox, Sr., South Carolina

Valentine Leonard, Sr., North Carolina
John Lewis, North Carolina
Moses Little, Massachusetts
Thomas Lloyd, North Carolina
Ignatius Luckett, Maryland

Robert Magee, North Carolina
James Marshall, South Carolina
William McCain, North Carolina
John McCall, North Carolina
Mary Gaston McClure, South Carolina
Hugh McManus, South Carolina
William McSwain, North Carolina
Samuel Mobley, South Carolina

Edward Nash, North Carolina
Benjamin Newton, North Carolina
Ebenezer Newton, North Carolina
John Norris, South Carolina

Jethro Oates, North Carolina
Nathaniel Osborn, New Jersey 
Nathaniel Overall, North Carolina


Thomas Peden, South Carolina
Nicholas Prince, South Carolina

Constant Rankin, Massachusetts
Robert Raper, North Carolina
William Raper, North Carolina
George Reeves, Virginia 
Lodewick Rikard, New York

Christian Shuey, Pennsylvania
Henry Shultz, New York 
Zachariah Spires, South Carolina
Joseph Stebbins, Connecticut
John Steed, Sr., Virginia
Joseph Steele, South Carolina
Raburn Steigal, Virginia
Nathaniel Stoddard, Sr., Massachusetts
Nathaniel Stoddard, Jr., Massachusetts
Winburn Summerlin, North Carolina 
George Adam Summers, South Carolina

John Tabor, Georgia
Dorothy Tidmore, South Carolina
Isaiah Tolman, Massachusetts
David Tweedy, Delaware
Moses Tyler, North Carolina

Andrew Vannoy, North Carolina
Nathaniel Vannoy, North Carolina

Thomas Wade, North and South Carolina
Oliver Wallace, Virginia
Enoch Watrous, Massachusetts
Ephraim Watson, North Carolina 
Charles Wellons, Virginia
George Wilfong, North Carolina
David Wilson, North Carolina
John Winslow, Massachusetts
Andrew Woods, Sr., Virginia
John C. Wright, South Carolina

Samuel Youngs, Connecticut


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