Captain William Hilton Chapter
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Daughters of the American Revolution


The Captain William Hilton Chapter was organized on November 2, 1983.  It is named for an exceptional seaman who was dubbed "William the Mariner" because of his ability. At the age of six, he became one of the first English settlers in North America when he settled with his mother at the Plymouth Colony.

By the 1660's, Hilton was in Barbados, a small British island colony involved in the growing of sugar cane.  Growers in Barbados were in need of new land in which to grow sugar and other crops and, thus, Captain Hilton was sent by a group of planters to the Carolinas to find new land. On September 28, 1663, aboard his ship "The Adventure," Hilton sighted the "head" of the island which now bares his name. An account of his exploration, published in London in 1664, attracted the early settlers to Hilton Head Island.


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